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Forest Management Units (FMUs) 8 & 13 of Idris Hydraulic (Malaysia) Berhad, Sabah,Malaysia

The Extent of FMU 8 & 13

  1. FMU 8 is located within the forest administrative district of Nabawan, in the South Western corner of Sabah. The cadastral reference of FMU 8 is approximately between longitudes 115o 54' E and 116o 26' E and between latitudes 4o 16' N and 4o 48' N. The extent of FMU 8 is 166,827 ha.
  2. FMU 13 is located within the forest administrative district of Tibow and the size is 67,725 ha. The FMU 13 is situated approximately between longitudes of 116o 26' E and 116o 43' E and between latitudes 4o 20' N and 4o 35' N.
  3. The two FMUs are secured through a 100 years lease of forest land under Sustainable Forest Management License Agreement (SFMLA) No. 01/97 and licensed to Idris Hydraulic (Malaysia) Berhad (IHMB) from the Government of the State of Sabah on September 10, 1997.

  4. Under the scheme, the license holder of the FMU 8 and FMU 13, have the full right to harvest and sell the timber and timber products. Both FMUs are classified as Commercial Class II Forest.
  5. Other general policies and guidelines MUST be adopted and fulfilled are Environment Impact Assessment (EIA), International Timber Trade Organization (ITTO), Forest Management Standards (FMS), Malaysian Timber Certification Council (MTCC) or any criteria adopted or recommended by the Sabah Forestry Department.
The Description of FMU 8 & 13
  1. Both FMUs could be accessed through Keningau, Sook, Nabawan, Tibow and Tomani town. Sungei Telekosang, Sungei Tagul, Ulu Sungai Padas, Sungei Kabu, Sungei Salilir and Sungei Telamasak are the Forest Reserves within FMU 8 whilst Sapulut Forest Reserve is within FMU 13.
  2. With a Tropical climate and affected by the North-East Monsoon, the dry season would be from December to March while the Wet seasons usually are from May to September.

  3. The temperature during daytime ranges from 28oC to 35oC but will then decrease to below 18oC during night time. Relative humidity ranging from 81.3% in July to 84.7% in January and February.
  4. The geological structure for FMU 8 consist of Crocker (85%), Maliau (14%) and Labau (1%). FMU 13 emerged from Crocker (70%), Maliau (20%) and Lokan (10%).
  5. Located at the Western Cordillera, FMU 8 and 13 are within the minimum height of 230 m up to 2,100 m (FMU8) and 600 m (FMU 13) above sea level. The topography of the location consists of steep valley slopes and deep valleys with gentler terrain (FMU8) but rather undulating and gentle slope on FMU13.
  6. Water sources in FMU 8 could be obtain from Sg. Padas, Sg. Tenom, Sg. Tagul and Sg. Sumitubol. Sg. Pensiangan. Sg. Simatulun drains within FMU 13.
  7. A total of 6,700 people residing in both FMUs consist of Muruts (90%), Kadazandusun, Chinese, Malay and the main religion are Christian (90%), and the remaining are Islam, Paganism, and Buddhism.


FMU 8 Via Tenom-Tomani Compt.252 (155 km)
  Keningau to Tenom 38.4 km
Tenom to Kuala Tomani 37.3 km
Kuala Tomani to Makmuran Sawmill 60.0 km
Makmuran Sawmill to Compt.252 19.5 km
  Via Keningau - Nabawan and Mile 58 Base Camp (127 km)
  Keningau - Mile 16 Road Junction 24.3 km
Mile 16 Road Junction - Mile 58 Base Camp 65.0 km
Mile 58 Base Camp - Mile 83 Slarom 38.0 km
FMU 13 Keningau to Base Camp Mile 71
  Via new highway 191 km
Via Kampung road 192 km

Base Camp Mile 71 to Kalabakan 109 km
Kalabakan to Tawau 92 km

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